miércoles, octubre 18, 2006

La mejor portada de la historia del black metal

Impaled Northern Moonforest, proyecto de ex-miembros de Anal Cunt.

No podemos dejar de mencionar los geniales nombres de las canciones de su 7" inicial:

Side 1:

1. "Grim And Frostbitten Moongoats Of The North"
2. "Forlorned Invocations Of Blasphemous Congregations Of Lusting Goat Sodomizing Sathanis"
3. "Gazing At The Blasphemous Moon While Perched Atop A Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Forsaken Crest Of The Northern Mountain"
4. "Bloodlustfully Praising Satan's Unholy Almightiness In The Woods At Midnight"
5. "Nocturnal Cauldrons Aflame Amidst The Northern Hellwitch's Perpetual Blasphemy"
6. "Transfixing The Forbidden Blasphemous Incantation Of The Conjuring Wintergoat"

Side 2:

1. "Masturbating On The Unholy Inverted Tracks Of The Grim & Frostbitten Necrobobsledders"
2. "Awaiting The Blasphemous Abomination Of The Necroyeti While Sailing On The Northernmost Fjord Of Xzfgiiizmtsath"
3. "Lustfully Worshipping The Inverted Moongoat While Skiing Down The Inverted Necromountain Of Necrodeathmortum"
4. "Awaiting The Frozen Blasphemy Of The Necroyeti's Lusting Necrobation Upon The Altar Of Voxrfszzzisnzf"
5. "Summoning The Unholy Frozen Winterdemons To The Grimmest And Most Frostbitten Inverted Forest Of Abazagorath"
6. "Entranced By The Northern Impaled Necrowizard's Blasphemous Incantation Amidst The Agonizing Abomination Of The Lusting Necrocorpse"
7. "Grim And Frostbitten Gay Bar"

Ahh, qué muchachos. Las marcadas en negritas son mis favoritas.

No he parado de reir.